Virtual Portrait & Figure Painting Workshop

$ 250.00


Pre-Recorded Virtual Workshop: This is a streaming recording of Jeremy Lipking's 3 day portrait and figure painting workshop, recorded September 17th-19th 2021 in Santa Barbara CA. The goal of this video is to allow you to feel like you are up close in the studio watching Jeremy's painting demonstration live. When you purchase this option you get unlimited streaming of the workshop.

 Runtime: Approximately 11.5 hrs

Jeremy's List of Suggested Colors by Michael Harding Paints

Titanium White

Cremnitz White #1 or 2

Kings Blue Deep

Lead Tin Yellow

Cad Yellow Medium

Cad Orange

Cad Red

Alizarin Crimson

Transparent Oxide Red

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue


Green Gold

Ivory Black

Brilliant Pink

Cobalt Violet Light


Suggested Brushes:

Rosemary and Co. Series 279 long flat for small and medium sizes and a few large bristle brushes

Suggested canvas panels: Raymar L64c