Glowing Rim Light with Ignat Ignatov

$ 65.00

In this two-hour instructional demonstration Ignat Ignatov takes you on a revealing journey of his painting process, painting a quick portrait in one sitting, using the wet-into-wet direct approach also known as alla prima. Ignat’s commentary describes, step-by-step, his painting method from start to finish and provides valuable lessons for artists of all levels.
Slideshow of 100 portraits by Ignat Ignatov in DVD bonus features.

The DVD is region-free NTSC. Which means it’ll play on any DVD player if you live in an NTSC country (United States, Canada etc.) If you live in a PAL country (like England) most DVD players will still play it fine, just be sure yours is NTSC compatible. You can also play it on any computer that has a DVD drive.

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