Ignat Ignatov Journey of an Artist

$ 65.00

Ignat Ignatov Journey of an Artist is the inspirational story of an immigrant artist pursuing the American dream. Conceived by long-time Art School friend, Orlin Ivanov, this full length documentary chronicles Ignatov’s adventures, from his childhood in Bulgaria to his current life in Los Angeles. Born under oppressive Communism and yearning for a life that seemed out of reach, he leaves Bulgaria behind to seek out a life without limits, fulfilling his passion for art. Through interviews, as well as rare footage of the artist at work, Ignat Ignatov Journey of an Artist provides a glimpse into his continuing journey.

The DVD is region-free NTSC. Which means it’ll play on any DVD player if you live in an NTSC country (United States, Canada etc.) If you live in a PAL country (like England) most DVD players will still play it fine, just be sure yours is NTSC compatible. You can also play it on any computer that has a DVD drive.

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